Interview Questions

General Interview Questions

  1.       What concerns do you have today?
  2.       When did it start?
  3.       How often does it occur?
  4.       Please describe (condition).
  5.       What makes it better?
  6.       What makes it worse?
  7.       What do you think caused it?
  8.       I see you’re allergic to ___? What kind of reaction do you get? Any other allergies to medications?
  9.       What OTC medications are you currently taking?
  10.       Do you smoke? (if yes, how much? If no, have you smoked in the past? When did you quit?)
  11.      Do you drink Alcohol, what kind and how much? Any recreational drugs?
  12.      What is your exercise like? What do you usually do? How long? How many days per week?
  13.      What is your diet like? What is your daily water intake? How much caffeine are you consuming per day? Do you use cream?
  14.       What problems are you having taking your medications as directed?
  15.       Are you up-to-date on your vaccinations? What screenings have you recently had?

Pain Questions:

  1.       Where is it located?
  2.       When did it start?
  3.       How often does it occur?
  4.       Please describe (condition).
  5.       What makes it better?
  6.       What makes it worse?

HTN Interview Questions

  1. Any episodes of low blood pressure.
    • Signs of:
      • Headache
      • Dizziness
      • Blurred Vision
      • Chest pain
      • SOB
      • C/D/N/V
      • Blood in stool
  2. If taking ACE, ask about cough
  3. How often do you check your blood pressure at home?
  4. Do you smoke?
  5. Are you willing to limit sodium/caffeine/alcohol?
  6. Are you taking NSAIDs? (can cause fluid retention, contraindicated for HF pt)

Dyslipidemia Interview Questions

  1. Do you exercise? How often do you exercise and for how long?
  2.  Are you willing to change your diet?
  3.  Willing to take new lipid medication?
  4.  If patient on statin, have you noticed any muscle pain? Dark urine? Yellowing of skin?
  5. Do you drink any grapefruit juice? (if pt on simvastatin or atorvastatin)

Diabetes Interview Questions

  1. What are you home BG readings? Are they pre or post prandial?
  2. How often do you have symptoms of low blood sugar (dizziness, fatigue, sweaty)?
  3. When was the last time you had an eye exam? Foot exam? Dental exam?
  4. Have you experienced any weight gain?
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