Asthma Zones

  1. Green Zone – patient feels well, no compromise in PEF or spirometry, no symptoms of asthma exacerbation or change in ability to do daily activities; PEF is ≥ 80% of personal best
  2. Yellow Zone – patient presents with some symptoms of asthma exacerbation; PEF is 50-79% of personal best
  3. Red Zone – patient is very short of breath, rescue medications have not helped, cannot do usual activities, or symptoms are same/worse after 24 hours in Yellow Zone; PEF is < 50% of personal best

Tx based on zones:

  1. Green Zone – Controller medications, SABA if using before exercise
  2. Yellow Zone – Step 1: SABA (usually every 20 mins x1 hour for MDI, once for neb)
    1. Step 2: Depends on if symptoms persist or not. If not, additional SABA is needed. Addition of systemic corticosteroid ONLY when appropriate
  3. Red Zone – SABA use with larger doses and more frequent; possible use of systemic corticosteroid; contact physician and/or go to emergency department or call ambulance – danger signs à go to hospital/emergency department ASAP or call ambulance/9-1-1


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