Interview questions

  1. Can you show me how you use your inhaler?
  2. What problems do you have to remembering to take your medications?
  3. Any environmental change, night time awakening, rescue inhaler,
  4. Frequency of sx during a given week?
  5. Frequency of nighttime awakenings in the last month?
  6. Differentiate between controller and rescue medication?
  7. Frequency of use of albuterol? Refills for budesonide?
  8. Changes in activity?
  9. Any emergency room, urgent care, or hospitalizations since we last saw him in clinic? What for?


  1. For parents who are concerned about child’s growth – As long as you use a proper technique, very small amount of the drugs will get into system orally and to GI tract. So it’s very unlikely that it will cause growth suppression.